The Boerne Campus has been awarded a TTIPS Cycle 5 grant, this grant will provide funding for new initiatives and continued school improvement for the next 4 years. This is an amazing opportunity for all stakeholders at the campus.

Grant Overview

MLCS has completed a Comprehensive Needs Assessment process with ESC-20 staff and identified three overarching focuses necessary for implementation of the school transformation model. Each focus includes multiple interventions that look to accelerate student achievement and sustain school reform.

Vision Statement

Meadowland Charter School will be a premier and caring school that meets the diverse needs of all students through a rigorous and cross curricular program that empowers them to be college, career or vocation ready after graduation.

Core Values

  • Growth
  • Community
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Innovative

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Past Grant Events

TTIPS Grant Kickoff | April 7, 2017 |

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Focus 1 - College and Career Readiness
  • Age appropriate career based learning opportunites for 1st – 12th grade
  • Dual credit opportunites for high school students
  • After school program promoting hands on, experiential learning for all students
Focus 2 - Comprehensive Instructional Framework
  • New instructional leadership
  • Improved instructional framework
  • Professional career pathways program for faculty
Focus 3 - Community Partnerships
  • Community partnerships with local businesses, civil, and philanthropic organizations to provide vocational technical and job embedded work opportunites
  • Parent and guardian training opportunuties

These three focuses directly align to the seven critical success factors associated with the Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS) process. These focuses do not stand as individual benchmarks for our transformation model, but are interconnected and support one another on the pathway to school transformation.

The district is seeking feedback on the grant from the community. This feedback is to refine and strengthen activities associated with the grant. Some feedback examples could be:

  • Details on specific grant related activities.
  • A business, civil or philanthropic organizations may have ways to assist with specific grant activities.
  • Suggestions for additional activities relating to the grant.

We are providing multiple way for us to receive this feedback.

1. Please email the following form to

2. Call and leave feedback on the TTIPS Feedback hotline at  (830) 249-8848

3. Please fill out the below form:

  • Develop and increase teacher and school leader effectiveness.
  • Deliver comprehensive instructional reform strategies.
  • Increase learning time and create community-oriented schools.
  • Provide operational flexibility and sustained support.

1. Improve Academic Performance
2. Increase the Use of Quality Data to Drive Instruction
3. Increase Leadership Effectiveness
4. Increased Learning Time
5. Increase Family and Community Engagement
6. Improve School Climate
7. Increase Teacher Quality