Garden Club

Growing What We Eat

Our Mission

The Garden Club mission is to provide an early intervention for food security by providing early learning towards environmental sustainability while having fun in the outdoors. 


    What We Have Done and What We Will Do:



    Our plans are to continue to build our community relationship with Cibilo Nature Center & Farm (CNCF) while providing psychoeducational gardening skills on campus and at CNCF.

    • Garden Club received sponsorships from Boy Scouts of America and Cibolo Nature Center & Farm (CNCF) to expand and upgrade the security garden fencing at Meadowland.
    • Students participated in the Farmer’s Market at the Cibolo and harvested herbs and vegetables .
    • Students made pickled jalapeños and tea bags.
    • Students maintained their own personal gardens in their on-campus residence.
    • Despite COVID-19, students continued to grow and harvest throughout the pandemic.

    • First introductions to growing food.
    • Established a community relationship with Cibolo Nature Center & Farm (CNCF).
    • Students participated in both Meadowland and CNCF gardens.
    • Students participated in preparing grounds for spring at the school garden. 
    • Students began to create and maintain their own personal gardens at their on-campus residence.
    Life Skills and Norms
    • Learning cohesion with the team
    • Be a team player and work hard
    • Must have good behavior on & off campus
    Scheduled Events

    Scheduled field trips:

    Weekly Projects

    Week of 9/18/2020:

    • Moved storage container to garden.

    Week of  9/21/2020:

    • Gardening team will re-till the garden on campus.
    • Gardening club will start going to herff farm again.
    • garden clean-up

    Week of 9/28/2020:

    • Going fishing at herff farm


    Farmer's Markets at Cibolo

    Gardening club will be a the farmers market on 11/21/2020 and 12/12/2020.