Graduation 2020

The Meadowland Charter School Class of 2020

One Goal

Find out more about how we get students to achieve their goal… Graduation!

Garden Clean Up

We will be cleaning and tilling the area for fall season planting.

September 4, 2020 9 am to 12 pm at Oaks Academy Garden.

Campus News

Graduation 2017

    The Meadowland Charter School celebrated its graduation for the Class of 2017 on Sunday, June 4th.   The Mustang Class of 2017 EZEQUIEL OSEAS ACOSTA, PAULINA CAROLA CRUZ-LIBERIS, MARISSELLA FLORES, KADE FAUSTINO GOMEZ, JORDIN ELIZABETH JOLES, NICHOLAS...

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Prom Celebration

The High School at Meadowland Charter School turned prom upside down this year, taking it to a new level with a day of fun at Dave and Busters. The students were treated to delicious food and drink, and then unlimited games and fun for the rest of the afternoon. All...

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3rd Nine Week Newsletter

Find out whats going on at the Meadowland Charter School in our Third Nine Week newsletter. Produced by the Faculty, Staff and Students at the Meadowland Charter School. [maxbutton id="6" text="Download PDF Here"...

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Oaks Academy Mission

The Oaks Academy will provide a safe, structured and consistent environment, including a seamless connection to a therapeutic component. It is our goal for all students to benefit from the structured setting so that they can be successful both academically and socially.

Charter Holder Information

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RMYA is committed to caring for children and families in crisis. Since 1976, we have provided services to abused, neglected, and high-risk youth through residential and counseling services many of which are offered on a sliding scale to low income families in our community. Children come to us from the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services, the City of San Antonio, Family and Youth Service Bureau as well as various County Juvenile Probation Offices. Our services help children navigate through the trauma of physical and sexual abuse, abandonment, and neglect they have experienced. RMYA provides a safe, supervised residential setting with 24 hour care, an on-campus accredited school, medical care, a nutritious diet, cultural and recreational enrichment programs, individual, family and group counseling services, life skills, and parenting classes. RMYA provides the consistent and comfortable environment necessary for children to significantly improve their behavior and decision-making skills so that they can experience a different way of living and ultimately break the cycle of abuse and violence.