The Oaks Academy is located on the 40-acre Meadowland Campus in Boerne, Texas. The Meadowland Campus is owned by Roy Maas Youth Alternatives, the sponsoring entity, and has many features that will be useful for students attending the charter school, including a gymnasium and weight room, swimming pool, baseball fields, basketball and volleyball courts, computer labs and a library. The RMYA mission is to create brighter futures for children in crisis by promoting individual success and healthy relationships in a safe, healing environment, giving children and families the tools to end the cycle of abuse.

Roy Maas Youth Alternatives has provided counseling and shelter to children since 1976. RMYA programs and services are grounded in our vision to restore hope, one child at a time and in conjunction with our mission, values, and evidence-informed practices that are common across those programs. We understand that these young people pass this way but once, and it is our privilege to serve them and help them heal so they can move to the next stage of their recovery. Our job from day one is to prepare them to leave us successfully. We seek to emphasize those things not present in home environments that have been disfigured by abuse and neglect. We seek this “normalcy” by teaching children and youth how to take care of themselves; how to respect themselves and those around them; the value of education, healthy eating and recreation; and how to progress toward achieving their goals.

All RMYA programs employ a trauma-informed, restorative practice approach in our work. Trauma-informed care is grounded in an understanding of the causes and consequences of trauma and promotes resilience and healing by seeing all behavior as communication. RMYA ensures that our agency culture and practices are aligned to support trauma survivors. Restorative practices help RMYA staff approach each child’s trauma expression in ways that help restore the damage sustained in unhealthy, inappropriate, and broken relationships. The fundamental premise of restorative practice states that people are happier, more cooperative and productive, and more likely to make positive changes when those in positions of authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them.

More information is available at www.rmya.org

Charter Holder Information

Charter Holder: Roy Maas’ Youth Alternatives
3103 West Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78213
Phone: 210.340.8077 Fax: 210.340.2232