Meadowland Charter Schools will be premier and caring schools that meet the diverse needs of all students through an evolving and innovative curriculum that empowers them to be positive and contributing members of society.



  • To improve student achievement
  • To implement a rigorous curriculum, improve instruction, and systematically assess progress accurately
  • To improve the school culture and climate
  • To improve staff acquisition, quality, and retention
  • To increase family and community involvement
What are Charter Schools?

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What will Meadowland Charter District do that is different than a regular public school?

Meadowland Charter District will provide a safe, structured, and consistent environment where students can succeed academically. Our philosophy is that all children can achieve educational success if provided the right options.

What kind of teachers will be at Meadowland Charter District?

All Meadowland Charter District teachers will be Special Education Certified and classes will have a small student to teacher ratio, and all instruction will be delivered in a manner that:

  • Makes a connection between each student’s interests and required learning
  • Builds on the academic strengths of each student
  • Provides multiple ways to learn
  • Encourages independence Provides real world experiences and problems
  • Makes connections between core courses
What grades will be included at Meadowland Charter District?

Meadowland Charter District will enroll students in grades 1-12.

Who can go to the schools?

Meadowland Charter District operates open enrollment charter schools. They are public schools and there are no fees for attending.

Please refer to the individual campus sites for enrollment information.